Spurious Awards Of The Week

Next Unlikely Game-Based Blockbuster Of The Week


Well, after Battleship , anything is possible. Personally, we’re waiting for Michael Bay’s Hangman , in which Nicolas Cage scours the world for clues to solve a cryptic message before someone executes Jon Voight.

False Alarm Of The Week

Eagle-eyed Xbox-playing viewers may have thought interstellar war with the Covenant was imminent when the BBC flashed up the emblem of Halo 's United Nations Space Command during a recent news report. Turns out News At One host Sophie Raworth was actually talking about the current conflict in Syria, and someone backstage had confused the fictional UN Space Command with the real-life UN Security Council. Oops. Looks like the Master Chief can go back into cold storage, and that someone will be taking a little more care with Google in future.

Fish Tank Of The Week

Aw, we’d love to see a Cheep-Cheep in there…

Rap Of The Week


You can add a silent c to the headline if you want… we couldn’t possibly comment.

Roland Emmerich Make-Over Of The Week


All it’s lacking is a meteor hitting a stadium at the end.

Street Art Of The Week

This is not real. We suspected it was Photoshopped but we sent someone from the London office down to Herbrand Street in Camden to check. But it’s still a cool piece of work… [via BlameItOnTheVoices ]

Safety Message Of The Week

Submitted to us via Twitter by @OnlyRad

Bandwagon Jumper Of The Week


Game Of Thrones ’ Maisie Williams (Arya Stark) takes the cinnamon challenge. Well, she‘s still young… But we can’t imagine Arya approving.

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Pirate DVD Of The Week

Blimey, there must be a really big surprise coming in the season finale… [via Blastr ]

Splatter Patterns Of The Week

Artist Arian Noveir clearly has a close encounter with a Rorschach test as a child, and thank god he did if the trauma results in beauties like these. Click on the image for larger versions. [via The Mary Sue ]

Literal Superhero Of The Week

[Via Google , via Blastr ]

Ad Placement Of The Week

IGN posted an incisive, well-argued piece criticising the Hitman trailer… which presumably came as a surprise to the advertiser who did the site take-over this week. IGN, we applaud you.

Alternative Ending Of The Week

The latest from the How It Should Have Ended Crew spotlights The Avengers . As usual, it’s a mixed bag, and overlong, but with some great moments…


Ubiquitous Movie Star Of The Week

Just when you thought you’d seen the last Snow White movie of the year…


Apology Of The Week

For some reason Square Enix has subtitled the trailer for the new T omb Raider game “Crossroads”, which is probably supposed to evoke cool images like blues guitars and deals with the devil, but try as hard as we might, for some reason we just can’t get this out of our heads… We’re sorry. We’re so, so sorry…


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