Spurious Awards Of The Week

Fringe one-upmanship, Darth Vader in the ladies’ toilets, Enterprising constructions and loads, loads more

Unexpected Guest Star Of The Week

Doctor Who ’s time vortex relocates to Being Human USA.

One-Upmanship Of The Week

Lincoln: “I lost a partner.” Peter: “I lost a universe.” Game set and match to Fringe ’s Mr Bishop.

Theory Of The Week

Private Eye continues its proud tradition of incisive investigative journalism by uncovering this exclusive. We’re sold.

Avant-Garde Musician Of The Week

Man tries to get a tune out of somebody’s leg (“Footloose”, perhaps?) on Being Human USA .

Oversight Of The Week

We originally screen-grabbed this image from Lost Girl for an entirely different award (feel free to make your own suggestions), but then we noticed something a bit odd. What the hell does, “A SHORT TITLE” mean in the DOG (Digital On-screen Graphic, or Distracting On-screen Guff as they’re better known)? It’s there throughout almost the entire episode, only vanishing in the final act. The it dawned on us: it’s a bit of guide text that’s somebody’s forgotten to change to something relevant… Good job they didn’t use “Type some sh*t in here”.

Enemy Of The Week

Fern Britton – definitely not a sci-fi fan. Appearing on panel show Room 101 she tried to put science fiction into the hate room, but failed miserably, mainly because her arguments were banal. “It’s not real,” she moaned, to which host Frank Skinner pointed out that the word “fiction” suggested as much. Britton said she’d tried to watch Star Wars three times, but, “I’ve never got past the first 12 minutes as I’ve always fallen asleep,” and called Doctor Who , “dreary.” When she complained, “[science fiction] is always set in the future”, fellow guest Robert Webb pointed out that Star Wars was set “a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away”, to which her witty response was to call him “nerd”. The irony of the fact that she was appearing on a show named after one of the most famous science fiction novels ever completely escaped her. Because she is clearly very, very stupid. As Skinner pointed out sarcastically, “the problem with Star Wars is that there’s quite a lot of reading at the beginning.”

Vampire Slayer Of The Week

Why Audis and vampires don’t mix.

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Lego Space Ship Of The Week

This gorgeous Lego USS Reliant was took a year and over 10,000 bricks to produce. It’s the creation of “Myko” and you can see loads more images and learn how it was built over at Eurobricks . And while we’re on the subject of Trek

Table Of The Week

You can buy one of these beauties if you like from Etsy .

Star Wars Ads Of The Week

Because the world clearly can never have enough funny Star Wars ads

Valentine Messages Of The Week

Skyrim -inspired greeting cards, created by Jemma Salume, aka oxboxer .

Fan-Made Opening Credits Of The Week

The Dark Knight Rises - Opening Credits Project from Doğan Can Gündoğdu on Vimeo .

You know, sometimes we’re really grateful some people have too much time on their hands…

Topical Gag Of The Week

A supporter of Ron Paul – one of the Republican candidates in the US presidential race – has created this shamelessly unsubtle poster casting his opponents as Batman villains – Mitt Romney as Two-Face, Obama as The Joker, Newt Gingrich as The Penguin, and Rick Santorum as The Riddler. [via RonPaulForums ]

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