Samurai Warriors 2: Empires announced

Just when you thought you could give your thumbs a break, here comes Samurai Warriors 2: Empires for the PS2 and 360,the latestaddition to Koei's furious button mashing library. Not to be confused with Samurai Warriors 2 - which was released less than three months ago- Empires will take place in Feudal Japan during the Warring State era with over 400 playable characters. You can also look forward to 50 new policy cards to spice up the strategy portion of the game as you smash your way through hundreds of enemy soldiers in your quest to unify Japan.

Above: Historians continue to debate whether it was the Samarai'sskill with weaponsor their ability to call down fire that made them such influential figures during the Warring States era.

History buffs can look forward to critiquing thefiner pointsof Empires ' special events, which chronicle major battles and turning points in Japan's history such as the fall of Nobunaga and the Battle of Kawanakajima.

If your masochistic thumbs can't wait for more relentless button mashing combos and new Musou attacks then point your cursor to the Images tab above and treat yourself to a sneak peak at the latest PS2 screens before Empires hits shelves on February 27, 2007.

December 8, 2006