Reminder: Vote in PC Gamer's Top 100 NOW!

ThePC Gamer Top 100 is a historical number crunch that plans to settle scores, right wrongs and - above all else - definitively position the best, most loved and scorchingly ass-kicking popular PC games of all time into a tantalisingly digestible sequentially ordered list from 1 to 100.

Basically, it's amazing and if you heart your PC games to death you absolutely have to take part. But - and this is the important bit - you need to do it quick-sharpish because voting closes at 12.01am GMT, on Monday 29th September. If you haven't already made your choices, get your ass over toPC Gamer Top 100and pledge your love for your top 10 PC games. You never know, you might win yourself a stupidly awesome PC courtesy of Cyberpower and AMD in the process.

The dramatic climax to all the voting will be revealed in an upcoming issue of PC Gamer UK (on sale 23 October), where the final Top 100 PC games of all time will be dutifully presented for the world to see. And probably argue about.