PS4 shooter Seraph does the aiming for you, so you can focus on looking cool

Seraph is a 2D action-platformer where you play as an angel - only, instead of a pair of wings, you've got a pair of machine guns. It's got demons, explosions, huge bosses, and acrobatic maneuvers that look pulled from movies like The Matrix or Equilibrium. The real hook though? It's a gun-focused game where you don't have to worry about aiming your guns.

I know, it sounds like that defeats the purpose and not very fun, right? Judging by this trailer though, I wouldn't say that's the case at all.

As developer Dreadbit writes on the PlayStation Blog, "Because the player doesn’t have to aim we instead allow them to focus on all of the stuff that matters more: evading exploding pillars of flame, sliding down a wall firing an SMG one-handed, and cartwheeling over a boss whilst simultaneously unloading a shotgun shell into its demonic face." In other words, think of your enemies less as monsters to kill, and more as obstacles in a platformer.

The game has a scaling difficulty meter that adjusts itself as you play, so the better you perform, the harder it'll get. The harder the game gets, the better the loot drops from enemies. It's a mix of interesting systems, and I know I personally will be keeping my eyes open when Seraph comes to PS4 later this year.

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Sam Prell

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