New update for Red Orchestra

Tripwire has released a new update for its multiplayer shooter Red Orchestra that beefs up the game with ten new maps and more.

The update is available through Steam and will be applied as soon as the Steam client is restarted. In addition to the new maps, the update features an increase in the player limit (from 32 to 50-plus), new community made content such as the Russian BT-7 light tank and the game's first player-controllable anti-tank gun along with various gameplay enhancements.

Accompanying the update is word that there's a current 20-percent discount on the game's price (the offer runs to June 11) and that Red Orchestra owners can make use of Steam's Guest Pass feature and invite two friends to try the game out for ten days, with no obligation to purchase once that time has expired.

For the full rundown,check out the Steam website (opens in new tab).

June 1, 2007