Looks like we're getting a Battlefield TV series

Well, this is unexpected. In an age of highly-marketed, big-budget, video game-to-film adaptations, Paramount and EA have apparently decided to keep things confined to the small screen. A TV series based off the Battlefield franchise has just been confirmed, and will be produced by Ashley Zalta and Michael Sugar.

Don't blame yourself if those names don't sound familiar, even if their resumes are impressive. Zalta is from production company Anonymous Content, which worked on films like Big Miracle and Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. Sugar, meanwhile, produced the 2015 film Spotlight, which won the Oscar for Best Motion Picture of the Year.

Nobody has been cast nor will actual filming take place for some time, but the rights have been sold and Paramount has the talent and money necessary to make this into an actual product and not just a pipe dream. Based on Zalta and Sugar's previous work however, I would maybe expect a more human "war is hell" vibe and less "I'm going to jump out of this plane, use a rocket launcher, and then jump back into the same plane." 

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Sam Prell

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