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Just Cause 3 Jenga - fun to watch, tricky to play, takes *forever* to set up

As we've seen before you can do incredible things in Just Cause 3 (opens in new tab). Most of them are evil though. So, so, many flying cows. This video, however, shows you can have good wholesome family fun as long as you've got a couple of dozen cargo containers, mad chopper skills and most of an afternoon free. That's all of us right?

This giant game of Jenga, that actually works, is from YouTuber teamcream who says, "it took a long time to build, and much longer than expected to come down". It's a testament to Just Cause 3's physics that it worked at all, using helicopters and grapples to pull apart the tower, piece by piece, without it all collapsing in an instant.

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