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Just Cause 3 has a 42.49GB download size on Xbox One

You'll have plenty of room to roam in Just Cause 3, but only if you can fit it all on your hard drive. Just Cause 3 will take up 42.49GB of storage space when downloaded on Xbox One, according to an updated listing on the Xbox Store.

That's on the large side for Xbox One - Sunset Overdrive, another over-the-top open-world game, only needs 26.06GB. But here's some extra weird perspective for you: Just Cause 3 takes up a little more than 10 times the storage space of Just Cause 2, which is a 4.06GB download on Xbox 360. What a difference five years makes, huh?

Aside from high-def textures to make Rico Rodriguez's face even more craggily handsome, Just Cause 3 will also pack more freewheeling missions (literally, you blow up a lot of cars) and more customizable open-world destruction into those 42-odd gigabytes. Sounds like a worthwhile trade-off.

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