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Japan gets its own home-grown version of FarmVille

Hold on to your limited edition, holiday-themed farming hats! Zynga has just released a Japanese version of its insanely popular FarmVille browser-based sim gameonJapan's largest social networking site,Mixi.

Entitled 'FarmVillage,' the gamefeatures slightlyaltered aesthetics and localization tweaks. FarmVillage also represents Zynga's first official foray into the Japanese casual gaming market since its acquisition of Unoh Inc. back in August. Though Mixi's membership pales in comparison to Facebook'snumbers (20+ million compared to Facebook's 500+ million), Zynga is nevertheless confident about its potential overseas yield.

“We are excited to bring FarmVillage to Japan to create a better playing experience for all the players who have already become avid fans of FarmVille,” said Robert Goldberg, CEO of Zynga Japan. “FarmVillage is truly high-end social gaming at its best because players play with their ‘real’ friends, not virtual friends.”

Goldberg then proceeded to prune a virtual bonsai tree before retreating for a leisurely swim in his farm coin vault.

Dec 1, 2010

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