It's Project HAMMER time

Wednesday 10 May 2006
Among the line-up of new first-party titles for Nintendo Wii is Project HAMMER, a game that sees a horde of killer robots attacking cities across the US.

With the US military powerless to stop the destruction they turn to a Project HAMMER cyborg - a half man, half machine that carries a big hammer.

To control this sophisticated cyborg, the Wii remote and nunchaku must be used together. The nunchaku will be used to control the cyborg's movement, while swinging the remote from side to side will send the on-screen hammer hurtling in the desired direction. Lifting the remote up then down will send the hammer smashing to the floor and the A button will execute a series of quick hammer attacks.

The object of the game is quite simple: smash the robots into scrap metal before they destroy the cities.

Above: Pulling odd faces while swinging the Wii-mote is purely optional