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Indiesox is an April Fool's Day gag that really exists, brings games to your feet

Not all April Fool's Day gags are out to trick you. What at first seems like a joke from video game curation service IndieBox will actually outfit you in some warm - and fashionable! - socks. Er, sorry. "Sox."

Indiesox (opens in new tab) is a collection of six games, in sock form. Axiom Verge (opens in new tab), Crypt of the NecroDancer (opens in new tab), Luftrausers (opens in new tab), Nuclear Throne (opens in new tab), Super Meat Boy (opens in new tab), and Ultimate Chicken Horse (opens in new tab) have been adapted into 97% polyester and will be available to order for $24.99, now through April 8. Personally, I'm a fan of the NecroDancer and Luftrausers pairs. Classy! Check out all the designs below.

If you've never heard of IndieBox, the company specializes in providing physical, collector's edition-style copies of indie games to subscribers. So if you were a fan of PS4 game Armello (opens in new tab), for example, you could've signed up for IndieBox and received a PC copy that included special pins, patches, soundtracks, and other collectibles. You can learn more and sign up via the official website (opens in new tab).

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