Handle The Wild

Tuesday 11 April 2006
Buena Vista Games has announced The Wild, a GBA game based on an upcoming Disney movie - and we've rounded up some screens for you to take a gander at.

Casting you as Samson the lion, it's your job to escape the New York City Zoo and rescue Samson's son, Ryan, who's been accidentally shipped back to the wild. By teaming up with a squirrel named Benny, Samson has to make his way back to the jungle and save his offspring - presumably before he's been shot, stuffed and mounted by poachers.

The game features 18 levels, with Benny and Samson taking on challenges that play to their own strengths, stretching across stormy seas, erupting volcanoes, humid jungles and the backstreets of the zoo. But angry wildebeest, wild dogs and - maybe - gun-toting great white hunters stand between Samson and his son. Can you battle through?

With DS Lite heading to UK stores this summer, the aging GBA ought to be feeling a bit like the poor, neglected cousin, except that the handheld system is still enjoying a healthy number of new releases. The Wild will be released on 19 May to coincide with the Disney animated film.

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