Gun Showdown trailer lynched

Wednesday 11 October 2006
PSP's own Wild West adventure, Gun Showdown, is on the cards for a 3 November release date, so we've rustled up this new trailer showing off the game's multiplayer, single-player and quick-play modes. Hit the movies tab to get a glimpse of what you'll be getting yourself into.

As we found out last time Gun Showdown dealt us some footage, there're a bundle of quick-play modes that give you nippy bouts of Western action, including Bank Job, Hold the Fort and Suppress the Outlaws. Multiplayer matches support six-player sessions, with deathmatch and Golden Cross modes, as well as a Texas hold 'em poker game.

Gun Showdown also squeezes in some brand new missions to lone star hero Colton White's story and the gun slinging is just as brutal as on bigger consoles - wince at the hot-knife-though-butter decapitations towards the end of this clip. PSP needs reliable action and Gun Showdown looks like providing.