Gun Showdown multiplayer details

Gun Showdown, the PSP offshoot of last year's Wild West shooter Gun, will feature six-player WiFi multiplayer, offering deathmatch, Last Man Standing and "Golden Cross" matches when it is released this autumn. You can team up or go head-to-head - and you can see how thesix-playeraction pans out in our new trailer (under the Movies tab above), or hit the Images tab to see some fresh stills.

Deathmatch and Last Man Standing are straightforward six-shooter blasts, but Golden Cross is a Capture the Flag-style game, with players battling over possession of a glinting altar ornament to win the round. Gunslinger Colton White's PSP outing will also boast quick-play modes for those who don't want to bother with the story, including short missions and Texas Hold 'em poker on offer.

Impressively, Gun Showdown packs all the western adventure from the console versions into the PSP, and even adds five brand new missions to push the handheld's boundaries.

June 20, 2006