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GTA Online's Freemode Events Week means maximum cash and reputation, minimum effort

This week's update to GTA Online is all about "maximum damage at minimum cost," with our Rockstar overlords granting players extra GTA cash or RP on Freemode Events, Business Battles, Gang Attacks, Triple Rewards and Parachuting Jobs. Oh, and log in this week to grab a free Chariot shirt too.

Until June 26 all Freemode Events - like Hunt the Beast or King of the Castle - and Business Battle events will deliver double the GTA$ and RP. Meanwhile, Gang Attack events will net you double the RP. And if you're feeling especially daring...

"If you've ever been hurtling through the air at breakneck speed while facing certain death and thought to yourself "I should be getting paid for this," you're in luck," said Rockstar.

"Parachuting Jobs are paying out Triple Rewards all week long. While the thought of jumping out of a plane is enough to make your stomach turn and your palms sweat, those brave enough to take the challenge head-on can simply check the Jobs List in the Online menu or walk into any blue corona marked by a parachute icon on the map."

Need something to spend that cash on? There's discounts aplenty, including 40% off the Buckingham Valkyrie helicopter, the Chernobog truck, the Ocelot Pariah and more. 

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