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Become a lightsaber-wielding Jedi Knight with your computer and smartphone

Used to be you had to go to the arcade to flail around an expensive piece of hardware while watching a lightsaber swoop around on a screen. Forget about finding a working Star Wars Trilogy Arcade cabinet, Google's latest browser experiment puts the elegant weapon in your control with just a computer and smartphone - you need Google Chrome on the computer, but Safari works fine if you're on an iPhone. It's perfect for slicing away the hours while you wait for Star Wars: The Force Awakens to hit regular-people theaters.

A playthrough should only last you a few minutes, and it's a pretty simple game (it is possible to die, which I definitely checked on purpose), but it's still a trip to use your smartphone as a lightsaber while watching the action unfold on the big screen. Don't get too excited swinging the saber around as it goes "vwoom", though - you wouldn't want to break your phone and your computer in one literal fell swoop. Just saying, this is why Nintendo puts wrist straps on Wii Remotes.

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