Gigantic gameplay trailer is fast, vibrant, and oh-so-stylish

Motiga has released a new trailer for Gigantic for PAX East, hot on the heels of its Xbox One announcement. The video intersperses some stylish cinematic moments with Gigantic's unique team-based combat.

It zooms in on a battle between two teams, each one fighting to help their guardian land a crippling blow on the other team's guardian. It's all one big brawl of in-engine footage, punctuated by a few monochrome title cards.

Even if it didn't have that unique, vibrant cel-shaded style, I think I'd still be interested in how Gigantic mixes up the MOBA format with big, deadly, living objectives and fast-paced third-person fights. Those killer cartoon looks definitely put me over the edge, though.

You can try it yourself if you're headed to PAX East this weekend. If not, you can always toss your hat in for the technical alpha. Gigantic will be a launch game for Windows 10 (yeah, I guess they're doing OS launch games now) when it releases later this year.

The Xbox One version is set to release around the same time, and players will be able to retain all of their progress and keep playing on the same account across both versions. You can also opt in for cross-platform competition, if you don't mind battling against folks who may be using a different control method.

Connor Sheridan

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