Gangs of London fronts up

Tuesday 9 May 2006
We've unearthed more screens and details of Sony's mob-handed action game Gangs of London, which will be released for PSP this autumn.

The game focuses on the activities of five different criminal gangs competing for control of the streets of the UK capital, while the action will be a combination of shooting and driving in a free-roaming environment.

There is a total of six different game modes: story mode, Gang Battle, Free Roaming, Tourist, Pub Minigames and a game sharing mode that unlocks a brand new mission, specific to each gamer's PSP.

Story mode follows the exploits of the gangs as they try to take control of the city, where each of the 60 missions can be replayed to experience the action from the perspective of each of the different warring factions.

But if all the violence becomes too much, the Pub Minigames option allows gamers to play darts, pool or skittles, while Tourist mode tasks players with exploring the city's landmarks in search of unlockable extras.

WiFi multiplayer action can be accessed in Gang Battle, which allows up to five PSP owners to take control of the various gangs and lead them into battle as they attempt to take control of their rival's territory.

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