Sorry, no groundbreaking news on the Revolution. That's what you wanted to know, right? Other than theVirtual Console announcement, Nintendo President Satoru Iwata's keynote speech at the Game Developers Conference offered no screens, no movies and no further revelations concerning the one piece of hardware that's boggling minds on a daily basis.

Above: Iwata at2006's Game Developers Conference - spreading his against-the-grain battle plan

What he did offer, however, was a message of breaking the cycle video game developmentseems to be trapped in. It was a speech revolving around Nintendo's plan to disrupt theestablished methods - constant sequels, movie-based tie-ins and bloated budgets that make things too expensive. Iwata joked that if Tetris were invented today, its publisher would demand more levels, better graphics and possibly a film license to slap on it. Nintendo's solution, as has been said before, is to reach outside the traditional audience and shoot out some seriously creative ideas.