Classic Konami Code cheat finds its way into... Google Docs?

It's probably the most famous cheat code in the world. Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right, B, A, Start. Yup, the Konami code is (was?) the mantra for an entire generation of gamers. But who would have thought that it would do anything in Google Docs? Yup, there it is in all its glory, doing something totally useless (unless you live in an Enter The Dragon-style room full of mirrors, in which case you're almost certainly evil and must be stopped with Kung Fu right now).

The code reverses the screen so that anything you type is written backwards, from right to left. In the trial version you get if you don't sign in, it also seems to turn the document upside-down. It's a nice little Easter Egg, but not quite as cool as the old (sadly removed) Facebook mouse changer or the Marvel squirrel dressed as Deadpool.

Above: The official Marvel website has this Konami Code Easter Egg. It'snot alone, either...

The code first appeared in the NES version of Gradius in 1985, as Tyler explained in our Brief History of Cheats. Since then, it's appeared in about a million other places. Oh, except GamesRadar. We should get on that.

06 Sep, 2010

Justin Towell

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