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Get ready for the latest GamesRadar quiz! | ChallengeRadar

(Image credit: Future)

Another week of isolation, and another opportunity for a GamesRadar Quiz! Join us for the latest Challenge Radar, which is currently taking the form of interactive gaming quizzes, that you can play along with too. 

Due to current circumstances, our usual Challenge Radar events are on hold. Normally you would be able to challenge us to complete a variety of video game tasks each week, but it's proved physically impossible for us to film them from home - trust us, we've tried. So, we've switched things up a bit for some fun we hope you can all enjoy.

This week the questions are a little more intriguing, so get your thinking cap ready for another GamesRadar Quiz!

If you want to get involved, Challenge Radar goes out live on Twitter and Facebook every Friday at 4pm BST. 

The 'normal' Challenge Radar will resume as soon as they let us go back into the office. But for now, prepare yourself each week to join us for more quizzing fun! 

Thanks all.