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Here's what Borderlands looks like as a competitive shooter

Borderlands has been best in online co-op from the beginning. The idea of competitive multiplayer has come up now and then, but Gearbox and company have never broached the subject in-game… or at least, they haven't outside of China.

Borderlands Online is a free-to-play online shooter from Shanda Games and 2K. It's only available in China at the moment, though it has all the same character classes, color-coded guns, and comic book art style that you'd expect from a standard Borderlands game. It even lets you plunge into dungeons with four-player parties in search of big fights and better loot. But about that competitive multiplayer.

Below you can watch a video of a 2v2 Capture-the-Flag match (or Capture-the-Claptrap-Strapped-to-a-Bomb match, in this case), which you wouldn't normally expect to take 15 minutes from start to finish. But when the sprint button bumps your movement speed up from "really slow" to "just a bit slow," and everybody has huge shield and health bars to chew through before they drop, it adds up.

On the other hand, if the game moved faster it would mean listening to more of the most disturbing death shrieks I've ever heard in a shooter, all to the tune of that endless game show music. Maybe it's for the best.

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