Beware: counterfeit amiibo have begun to appear

Searching for a rare amiibo that you can’t find in stores? Scalpers and resellers may be the least of your worries if you don’t vet your sources. Amiibo enthusiast site Info Amiibo reports that bootleg amiibo have begun to crop up, looking to take advantage of the craze over Nintendo’s toys-to-life figures.

Thankfully, there are signs of questionable craftsmanship that might help any collectors out there avoid the scam of counterfeit amiibo, some of which you can spot in this article’s headline image. Notice, for example, that the colors appear to be slightly darker and more muted on these figures than they are on standard amiibo. The packaging they come in is also of lesser quality, and is of a design not known to exist for official Nintendo figures.

Info Amiibo reports that these fake amiibo have been cropping up in Brazil, though it’s not clear for how much they’re selling. It’s doubtful that they have the proper chip in them as well, meaning these imposters probably won’t work, even if you manage to get your hands on one.

Take care, amiibo hunters. And may the odds be ever in your favor.

Sam Prell

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