Best of E3 06

E3. It's the biggest, loudest, most surprising video gaming convention of the entire year, a cacophony of madness that overloads at least three of your senses - sometimes four, unfortunately.

It's naturally packed with more games than any one gamer could ever hope to possess and play, but that's where we come in. We've spent hours first playing each and every one we could and then arguing to the brink of violence about which was best. Then, we made lists for you.

Here are our picks for the five most promising games on each platform, as well as some random stuff like our favorite trailer for each system and another, wild-card game we thought was worth noting. Start saving your pennies now - you're going to want all of these, and then some.

Best of E3:PS3

Best of E3:PS2

Best of E3:PSP

Best of E3:Wii

Best of E3:DS

Best of E3:GameCube

Best of E3:Xbox 360

Best of E3:Xbox

Best of E3:PC