Battlefield 2 prepares for Armored Fury

America's under attack? Well, it will be when Battlefield 2: Armored Fury comes out this spring. Seems that EA's future soldiers find themselves besieged by China and the Middle Eastern Coalition after its borders are threatened. Time to bring out the big guns - even if they will be budget-priced.

Armored Fury delivers three new maps, including a scuffle at an Alaskan pipeline, a march on the US Capitol and battles deep in America's heartland. And true to its name, the expansion focuses on heavy armor andairborne rigs. Fans of BF2 and Desert Combat have been dreaming of piloting the tank-bustin' A-10 Thunderbolt II (affectionately known as the Warthog) and the Little Bird, the "sports car" of helicopters; both are included in Armored Fury. Does that mean that the AH-6, the attack variant of the Little Bird, might not be far behind? EA's not saying, but since the download is just $9.99 (directly from - don't go looking at your local store, as you won't find it there), it won't kill you to find out yourself when Armored Fury launches this spring.