Armored Core 4 trailer blitzes in

Here's a fresh look at Armored Core 4, the next-gen sequel to the long running mech-blasting series, which looks to promise a more exciting metal-clad outing than previous ponderous installments.

Hit the Movies tab now to see the impressive looking actioner, showing off a number of environments including a sunken city, naval fleet and a snowy ice plain.

While a few of the clips look suspiciously like cutscene movies, we're willing to believe that the more action orientated sequences are real-time gaming promises. The spider webs of missile trails, pretty explosions and the gloriously colourful sunset backdrop to the sea-battle have certainly got our attention.

If Armored Core 4 can use the muscle of next-gen consoles to avoid the somewhat bland, restrictive experience that we've come to expect from the franchise - barren landscapes, lots of slow, dreary travelling on foot and less-than-fluid mech controls - then we'll be first in line to embrace the welcome evolution of a potentially great series.

November 7, 2006

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