AND THE FIRST PERSON INTO GAMESCOM IS... not really that bothered

Traditionally, the moment Gamescom opens to the public is like a human dam bursting as thousands of gamers all sprint to whatever they can't wait to see. True story: I once got caught at the hall doors as this happened. I was literally swept away in a tidal wave of people to a booth I didn't want to be in, and trapped there until the rush died down. Imagine turning around to realise you're about to be hit by a bus made of faces.

This year? It's a little more sedate. Either health and safety finally got their chance to shine in the planning meeting, or people have finally realised the games can't run away.

Watch, now, as the first member of the public let into Gamescom wanders with all the urgency of browsing the dairy isle and then... queues.

Compare that to a couple of years ago, which has all the shaky-camdrama of a box set action scene. People really knew how to run in those days:

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