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Anamanaguchi, Minibosses headline PAX 2010 concerts

The annual Penny Arcade Expo is a wonderful opportunity for anyone and everyone to get a sneak peek at upcoming games months before they're released. That alone is reason for thousands to sign up, but if you ask me, the highlight every year is theconcert lineup. Several game-themed bands, playing songs they love about a topic they love, to an audience that's singularly united by its love for all things videogames. It's as close to nerd heavenyou'll ever experience. And they've finally revealed who's playing this year.


Above: You may know this tune from ourfilthy, stupid podcast

Johnathan Coulton

Above: A voice fit to soothe any beast

Metroid Metal

Above: We talked to these boys back inTalkRadar 70

MC Frontalot

Above: San Franciscan man declared "579th greatest rapper"

Paul & Storm

Above: Any pal of Coulton is a pal of ours

The Minibosses

Above: Arguably the most famous game-music band in the US

The Protomen

Above: Mega Man-minded dudes who never show their faces

Another great reason to attend? The panels. Oh boy, are there ever so many panels that are relevant to your interests. Why, I'd bet a certain game site would plan on having some of those panels this year, and that anyone who was maybe thinking about going to PAX but wasn't sure should probably make up their minds VERY SOON.