8 things to watch out for this week

1. Lara Croft becomes the Tomb Raider in a darker game that marks the end of her reboot trilogy

Shadow of the Tomb Raider (opens in new tab) knows how to end a trilogy, and it's with apocalyptic stakes, jaguars and Lara Croft on a rampage. This game - set in South America and plundering Mayan and Aztec mythology for its storyline - is the final part of the reboot trilogy that saw Square Enix strip Lara Croft back to a younger, more vulnerable character only just finding her footing as the archeological adventuress we know and love. Shadow isn't a perfect game, but it's a thrill to play a desperate and slightly unhinged Lara murdering her way through jumpscares, piranha and ancient ruins. Rachel Weber

What: Shadow of the Tomb Raider (opens in new tab)
When: September 14
Where: PS4, Xbox One, PC

2. Bojack Horseman season 5 is here and I can't wait to see how it tackles mental health, family drama and more this time around

Bojack Horseman has never been afraid of tackling tricky subjects. So far we've seen alcoholism, drug abuse, adoption, death, depression and more, but rumour has it that season 5 is going to delve even deeper into life's big problems, including circling back on addiction - this is Bojack after all - grief and… cannibalism. I have so many questions. Will Mr. Peanutbutter and Diane make it work? Will Princess Caroline finally find love? Will Bojack's latest TV adventures pan out? How will Bojack deal with having Hollyhock as a half-sister rather than a daughter? What's going on with Todd? Thankfully we'll find out soon enough, as well as just how many animal puns the writers can fit in. Sam Loveridge

What: Bojack Horseman season 5
When: Out now
Where: Netflix

3. You can’t ignore your true calling to royalty any longer, as Reigns graces the Nintendo Switch with Kings & Queens bundle edition 

Ruling the kingdom has never been easier in 2018. While games like Dragon Age: Inquisition (opens in new tab) might make the art of leadership seem like an ethical nightmare, Reigns lets you impose your royal decree with the swipe of a finger. Billed as Game of Thrones meets Tinder, Nerial’s card game, which first released on mobile and PC, is wholly unique in its capacity to offer smart and addictive entertainment through deceptively simple gameplay. You’ll get both the original Reigns and the brilliant, Queen focused sequel, Reign: Her Majesty for a discounted bundle price in the Switch’s Kings & Queens pack, which is the ideal jumping in point before Nerial’s official Game of Thrones threequel (yes, really) hits stores next month. Alex Avard

What: Reigns: Kings & Queens
Where: Nintendo Switch
When: September 20

4. Can another science fiction reboot make you feel like a goddamn sexual Tyrannosaurus?

Not even an advanced cloaking device is enough to save The Predator (opens in new tab) from being dragged out of the bushes for another turn in front of the cameras. We've already seen the elite - if facially unfortunate - hunters take on the Alien necromorphs and Los Angeles gangs, now they have to do battle with the little kid from Room. This 2018 take on the classic science fiction series has the human hunting warriors arrive in small town America, much to the upset of the locals. Whether the movie can recreate the macho " get to the chopper" glory of the 1987 original, will depend on how it handles its over the top premise and if it can make the Predator, rather than a sexual predator, the main headline. Rachel Weber

What: The Predator
When: September 14
Where: Movie theatres

5. Destiny 2: Forsaken's Raid lands 10 days after launch, and will it be that cherry on top of an already very good cake?

Before Forsaken launched on September 4 you could say that Destiny 2 was in a bit of a state. The major year two expansion came with a heavy helping of expectation from fans eager to see the team over at Bungie add some much needed depth and discovery to the game. Well, so far, Forsaken has absolutely delivered. There's just so much to do, from daily bounties, to weekly quests, to grinding for infusion - although Destiny 2 Masterwork Cores can get in the sea - or just jumping into those awesome Strike playlists for sheer nostalgia. The Dreaming City is fantastic - and incredibly tough - and basically the improvements just keep on coming. The last piece of the Forsaken puzzle though, comes in the form of the Raid, which sits at the centre of the end-game locale that is the Dreaming City. From everything we've seen so far, I have seriously high hopes - and a cleared Friday evening - for the Raid, aka Last Wish. You'll need to be at least Power Level 520 to get in, and have access to the Dreaming City to participate, but let's head in Guardians and see just what's in store. Sam Loveridge

What: Destiny 2: Forsaken raid
When: From Friday, September 14, at 10AM PST/6PM BST
Where: PS4, Xbox One and PC

6. Nic Cage returns to rock your world in the outrageous horror movie Mandy

Nic Cage in Mandy

(Image credit: Universal)

Remember Nic Cage? That super famous actor with a tendency to do the unthinkable and shocking when it comes to filmmaking? Yeah… he’s been a bit quiet lately hasn’t he? Well, get ready to welcome him back with open arms because his upcoming movie (opens in new tab), Mandy (opens in new tab) hits cinemas today (in the US at least, UK fans will have to wait until October 12) and it’s going to be a doozy! Premiering at Cannes 2018, the upcoming horror movie (opens in new tab) was all critics could talk about at the film festival and our own review gives it 5 stars, calling it “astonishing”. If this is the first you’re hearing about it, Mandy is Nic Cage’s wife (played by the brilliant Andrea Riseborough) who gets kidnapped by a religious cult and killed in a botched psychedelic initiation ritual. Cue Nic Cage being very, very angry. He goes on a full-on bloody rampage as he tracks down and dispatches everyone involved in the death of his beloved and from the sounds of things, it’s going to be one of the best movies of 2018. Get yourself to the cinema asap. Lauren O’Callaghan

What: Mandy
Where: Cinemas
When: September 14, 2018 

7. Nintendo new Vehicle Kit Labo is a more focused display of what the cardboard system can really do

So far the Nintendo Labo (opens in new tab) experiment has been amazing but a little scattershot - Fishing! Piano! That... weird house thing. The ability to build and create your own controllers is inspired, but it has felt as if the publisher wasn't entirely sure what to do with it. This new Vehicle Kit is very specific (the clue's in the title) but shows how card, rubber bands and inventiveness can be applied to specific genres. There are three controllers here that all deal with some form of transport: a car steering wheel, a plane's flight stick and... whatever makes submarines work. Each comes with some great looking games where you drive, fly, and float around activating a range of gadgets (like blades to cut down trees) guns and more. It shows the system is just as good at specific genres as it as it is just throwing out some random ideas, and at creating more substantial gaming experiences with them. Imagine whole sets built around engineering (cranes and a cardboard R.O.B. controller anyone?) Or what about a farming set? Think Stardew Valley but with actual tools! Then there's sports, music, science... the list goes on.

8. Tune in for the Emmys 2018 and find out which TV shows will take home the gold

Forget the Oscars, the Emmys is the must-watch awards ceremony for hardcore TV fans everywhere and it’s back this week for the 70th Primetime Emmy Awards. This Monday, the biggest names in television will descend on LA to walk the red carpet and find out if they - or their show - are lucky enough to win one of the coveted winged woman Emmy statuettes. If you care as much about television as we do, you don’t want to miss it and you can watch the Emmys 2018 live on NBC, on NBC.com, or download the NBC app and watch on your mobile device. If you’re in the UK, streaming the Emmys will be a little tricker, but you can tune in using a VPN. So, who’s up for a gong? Well, HBO is having a good year thanks to both Game of Thrones and Westworld, but it’s Netflix who has nabbed the most nominations (see the full list below) with shows like Stranger Things, GLOW, and Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt all up for awards. But who will win? Join hosts Colin Jost and Michael Che (both of Saturday Night Live fame) on Monday and find out for yourself. Lauren O’Callaghan

What: Emmys 2018
Where: Microsoft Theatre, LA
When: September 17, 2018 at 5pm (PST) 

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