10 minute Batman Arkham Origins Blackgate gameplay walkthrough

Warner Bros. has released a ten minute Batman: Arkham Origins Blackgate gameplay walkthrough to coincide with the 3DS and Vita game’s release today. Narrated by game director Mark Pacini, it showcases a mission in Blackgate prison while providing insight into level design, controls, combat, and Batman's investigative and detective features.

Blackgate hits stores alongside Batman Arkham Origins today. However, the 3DS version of Blackgate, and the Wii U and physical PC versions of Arkham Origins, have been delayed in Europe by two weeks to November 8.

The handheld game was developed by Armature Studio, the team of ex-Metroid Prime developers also behind the Vita port of Metal Gear Solid HD Collection and the upcoming handheld version of Injustice Gods Among Us. Publisher Warner says it serves as a 2.5-D "companion game" to the home console and PC title, allowing players to "continue the storyline of Origins and discover more details of the Dark Knight's past".

We said in our newly published Blackgate review: “While much of Blackgate feels like an attempt to emulate bigger and better Batman games, it's still quite enjoyable in its own right. If walloping the Joker's face-painted gang or tracking down hidden items is your thing, you'll adore playing Blackgate on the go. Just remember not to smash your handheld into pieces during the Penguin boss battle.”