Wing Commander jets to XBLA

ESRB website confirms new games, including an Xbox 360 resurrection of the veteran space combat series

An updated ratings page on the ESRB website has revealed a number of new Xbox Live Arcade games - includingWing Commander Arena, the latest in the legendary franchise being developed by EA. We're looking forward to 16-player dogfights.

EA was unavailable for comment when contacted earlier, but as usual we'll sit by the line and let you know if we get any confirmation back.

Also listed on the site are two new titles from Vivendi; Carcassonne and Switchball, both rated "E."

Above: Will Arena disappoint us like Wing Commander Prophecy did on the GBA? We pray not

Considering all of these titles have already been rated, we're assuming they'll be hitting the Live servers very soon.

February 22, 2007

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