The Wheelman

Diesel-powered getaway action

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Vin Diesel. Two words that strike fear into the heart of all film-lovers. But when it comes to videogames, the Diesel-meister has a much better rep - a serious gamer, Vinnie (as we like to call him) was heavily involved in the development of The Chronicles of Riddick: Escape From Butcher Bay, and the result was one of the best games on Xbox. The lisping muscle man%26rsquo;s latest project is The Wheelman, and while the movie is bound to be complete crap, the 360 spin-off could well be another winner.

A cross between Driver and The Fast And The Furious, the game is set in Barcelona and stars Diesel Boy as a getaway driver with a shady past (typically, he%26rsquo;s wanted by the Mafia). The mission-based structure includes plenty of on-foot action but you%26rsquo;ll mainly be racing round the Catalan capital playing rival gangs off against each other to stir up trouble, subsequently drawing attention away from the real reason for your Barcelona vacation - a daring, big money heist.


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