RadioRadar podcast 058: Valve is your inconsiderate uncle

This week is weird, but good news--it's also a long episode! Get ready to hear nearly EVERYONE on the podcast as we talk Valve and discuss our Pokemon X and Y review.

Hosts: Hollander Cooper, Greg Henninger, Ryan Taljonick, Tom Magrino, Lucas Sullivan, Zach Betka
Question of the week: What location do you want for the next Assassin's Creed? Answer to win a free game, or some other awesome thing!
Intro song by Danny Baranowsky


  • Unoriginal - October 10, 2013 5:12 p.m.

    With the AC series getting more and more ocean based the next natural step is to set AC V in Scandinavia during the 1000s. A parkouring Viking? Hell yeah!
  • Ghost_Chill - October 8, 2013 9:14 p.m.

    I always thought Assassin Creed should be brought to more modern times. Possible during WW2 as a Allies spy, killing Nazis in fun and interest ways...., and wearing awesome Arnette sunglasses.
  • LeTHaL.MiGRaiNe - October 8, 2013 12:26 a.m.

    the correct answer is the Waste Management main landfill as Assassin's Creed has become irrelevant. ACIII was a steaming pile of cow dung. Having the setting in the Caribbean, hanging out on pirate ships, makes absolutely no sense to the rest of the series. Ubisoft needs to end this franchise. Furthermore, none of the main characters wear Arnette sunglasses, a fabulous product of the Luxottica Group, so what's the point of playing a pointless game.... answere, there is none.
  • dangomushi - October 7, 2013 5:44 p.m.

    Dinotopia, dudes.
  • BarbwireTino - October 7, 2013 3:45 p.m.

    I would like to play a game set during the crusades. I would totally play a game set in Jerusalem during 1099 AD. I find that period very interesting and would like to play something with swords that doesn't feature elfs.
  • mcgronkster - October 7, 2013 3:15 p.m.

    I'd love to see 1850's San Francisco - set against the backdrop of the near frontier and the gold rush. You'd get the same burgeoning city aspects of 3, naval mission access of BF4, and a seriously rich backdrop for story. Plenty of intrigue with the influx of gold, mines, potential relic hunting, assassins and templars, and not to mention the various coastal Missions of Spain and Mexico's influence on California, as well as a quick trip via boat down to Aztec ruins in Mexico. Throw in some quality zorroesque swashbuckling and you have a badass locale for some AC5.
  • shawksta - October 7, 2013 12:16 p.m.

    Great podcast, I just love it when you guys go off topic and it stays there for longer than it should XD. You got that right Henry, they basically went near Galaxy levels of Creativity in 3D World, justifying or basically redeeming itself. Hell the new group artwork has a literal bullet train modeled after, you guessed it, Bullet Bill. And if you look in the trailer, that one part where Mario is basically playing Metal Gear solid with that Goomba costume, the level itself is a dojo. And call me an overanalysist but looking REALLY closely in the artwork, you can see a very fading image of Rosalina's Comet Observatory from Galaxy, I'm not lying, it's there, but very hard to see, I'm very interested to see what they'll do with that. Rain has my interest but I might get it later on, it's not my priority. I cant wait for Pokemon X and Y, I heard there's still a safari and battle tower post game and that's going to be enough for me, especially all the features and that I'm a more competitive person, which the side of Pokemon is going to keep playing the game for a really long time. Also you didn't mention that apparently there's a split pokedex based on the areas now, in the review I think you did. QOTW: A Japanese setting(like the rest of you) in a more samurai theme setting about Honor and disrespecting families where your just flat out going against your family of Assassins. You become a master samurai with Katana's and shurikens.
  • lazar-janus21 - October 7, 2013 10:13 a.m.

    1980's Miami would be interesting.
  • GamesRadarCollanderCooper - October 6, 2013 3:18 p.m.

    After reading this amazing New Yorker article ( on Qassem Suleimani, I think the next Assassin's Creed should put you in the shoes of an Iranian Revolutionary Guard operative. During the American occupation of Iraq, you would seek to undermine American efforts by working with Shia militias to oust the U.S. out of the country. You would also be tasked with exerting Iran's influence in Lebanon by playing a mission of Rafic Hariri's assassination, and in Syria you would help Alawite militias fight rebels.
  • Nolan South - October 6, 2013 2:23 p.m.

    For AC, I'd like to see an early 1900's Chicago. Buildings still can be relatively short for easy climbing, guns aren't totally ridiculous just yet, and I want to see a modern take on the Assassin's wardrobe. Make guns in the game a bit rare so you aren't forced to use them as well and I think we'd have a pretty intriguing Assassin's Creed.
  • RODTheMaster - October 6, 2013 1:47 p.m.

    I want to listen to the 'cast more often while driving so that I can be one of Greg's Driving Buddies.
  • duffer00 - October 6, 2013 12:16 p.m.

    Gotta say the roaring 20s. Stay with me here! You could run an anti-prohibition alcohol company! Get drunk, make beer, send beer around, plus the style of the game's aesthetic could be really cool.
  • Jonamon23 - October 6, 2013 11:43 a.m.

    How about an African country that is having a civil war in the 1990s or 2000s? The Templars can be the British or French that owned the country beforehand. You are a young village boy who's mother is taken into sex slavery by a drug warlord. Your village has to burn down and nearly everyone is executed who survives. You swear to kill him and join the resistance/liberation. It turns out the drug lord has ties with the templars and basically controls the country. As you play, you have to do missions involving cannibalism, drugs, gun running, and war crimes. You kill charismatic and convincing generals and druglords. You learn about all the horrible things that go on there. Imagine running through the jungle, escaping the hail of bullets flying past your head. Driving fast through the jungle instead of dicking around on a horse. Using Camouflage to blend into the environment and darkness. A working cover system. Running along rooftops in the slums. Fast Travel system using buses. Interesting characters that aren't a leaping pile of wood. A protagonist that is developed and changes as you learn. In this case, the Guild stuff is gone and is replaced with a resistance headquarters where you can get missions and weapons. You can take drugs to resist damage, survive mortal wounds, run faster, and see in the dark. Instead of a hidden blade, you have a shiv you can pull out quickly or is being held in your forearm. As you grow as a person and gain respect through your actions, it is more difficult to become incognito. Some guards will attack on sight, some will back away. You can divert your men to do certain things for your resistance or be your bodyguards. Since you have gained a reputation, sometimes the generals' or druglords' men try to assassinate you. You can begin to deal drugs, gun run, and enlist prostitutes for your own "kingdom"'s benefit. At the end of the game, the head templar druglord flees to a village. You make a call to burn it down with everyone inside. To make sure the druglord is dead, you go in and find him cowering in corner of a house. You kill him in front of a young boy. You take his screaming mother away and throw her into a cage to be sent into prostitution. When you return to your "throne", you feel nothing. Post-game involves killing off your competitors and flushing out the remaining templars.
  • TokenGamesRadarFurry - October 5, 2013 8:28 p.m.

    The stone-age is such an obvious answer it blows my mind it hasn't been done before. The main character, Ugg, would be equipped with pointy sticks tied to his wrists with sinew, and he would ride through an open world on the back of a wooly mammoth. He could customize and upgrade it with various ornaments and weapons like bones, wooden spikes, and Oakley sunglasses (these are savages, after all), and he could dismount and tie the mammoth up near a tree. It'd be cool cause he could walk to a nearby cave, get some collectables, and when you turn around, the mammoth would still be there. Exactly where you left it.
  • bobob101 - October 5, 2013 5:52 p.m.

    Here is how I view it. With the ever growing scope of the AC games, were you have have wide open woods in 3 or oceans to sail in 4, it's getting a little out of hand. I play AC games to explore period cities and see the world other people used to live in. So how about we set the next AC game at the end of the 1800s, and have about 5 cities. The cities I would like to see are: Hong Kong, Rome, New York, Nagasaki, and London. What I envision is that the end of the 1800s is commonly known as the Age of Imperialism. And we know that the Assassin order is a global affair. This would be the logical time period for when that happened. In history, this was the first time period when not only the extremely wealthy or traders could travel between countries and borders, but common folk also. People actually became interested in what other cultures had to offer. Think of artistic movements like Japonisme or how the Opera scene involved performers going from Paris to Rome to do the same show. With those above cities, we can have a game were you see the policies made in London as they affected the then colony of Hong Kong. or a New York business man thinking of selling the new technology of Gatling Guns to the Japanese. I picked Rome because at the time Italy was trying to become its own country, so there was more than enough upheaval there too. Though the design Ubisoft has from Brotherhood would be useless since the city changed quite a bit after a few hundred years. However, I do believe that the next step for the Assassin Creed series is to go global, and this is an idea to good to pass up.
  • supergiraffe - October 5, 2013 5:34 p.m.

    Also, Assasins Creed in South America. You rarely see games there, so it'd be cool to see, and it feels less obvious then just being a literal ninja.
  • supergiraffe - October 5, 2013 3:48 p.m.

    The six other people who haven't played Half-Life and I all thank you Cooper.
  • NOGIRLSIWANNAJETPACK - October 5, 2013 1:24 p.m.

    I would like to see it in a cyberpunk Chicago starring an assassin named Aiden Pierce. You can hack the world to do crazy things like alter traffic patterns or rob an ATM.
  • winner2 - October 5, 2013 7:20 p.m.

    I guarantee your answer will be read because it's the one lame/pseudo clever joke so far (no offense)

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