Zombie apocalypse scheduled for August '09

On August the 6th, 2009 the zombie holocaust begins. At 3PM. It will start at Eastnor Park in Herefordshire. You may think we're being a little specific with that prediction, but it's all part of a pre-arranged record attempt on the part of Film4 andThe Big Chillfestival to collect together the biggest stinking pile of zombies ever recorded on camera.

Why are we telling you this? (other than the fact that it's going to be the most awesome thing that's ever happened) Well to ensure that the maximum number of festival folk are sufficiently zombified, Tecmo Koei is sponsoring a number of zombification tents dotted around the site. Fitting given that its upcoming PSP gore frenzyUndead Knightsis based around the theme of amassing an army of zombs to do your bidding. We assume that these will be make up tents rather than mobile clinics run by Herbet West, but that will become clear in due time.

If you want to get involved, you need to be a Big Chill ticket holder and zombed up and ready to go at the festival site by 3PM. But if you're not going, fear not. Radar UK's Dave H has had his ticket for months and has spent the last few weeks meticulously putting his costume together. And he'll be bringingthe photos back to the siteonce the dust and entrails have settled.