World of Warcraft Legion expansion lets you harness the power of demons

A new World of Warcraft expansion, dubbed "World of Warcraft: Legion," will bring a demonic invasion to the world of Azeroth, along with a new continent, new class, higher level cap, new dungeons and raids, new "artifact" weapons, class halls and more.

Taking place across the Broken Isles - the remnants of an ancient continent shattered into pieces eons ago - Legion will allow players to become an Illidari; a demon hunter, styled after Warcraft hero/villain Illidan. Players will also be able to wield iconic weapons like Ashbringer and Doomhammer.

Now, If that sounds like a lot of fantasy nonsense talk to you, here it is in layman's terms: you're gonna see a new location, fight demons, wield legendary weapons, and get sweet tattoos and horns. Naturally, you'll also have a higher level cap (up to 110 from 100), as well as new dungeons and raids to explore. Blizzard has not yet announced a release date or price for WoW: Legion.

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Sam Prell

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