WarioWare Wii on the way

Monday 8 May 2006
A new addition to the ever enjoyable WarioWare series will be winging its way to Nintendo Wii with more squirt-sized gaming treats.

The new WarioWare will, unsurprisingly, use the motion-sensing Wii controller and - while we're not exactly drowning in details - an article in Time magazine has revealed that the frenzied barrage of mini-challenges will include such curious diversions as swatting flies, lifting weights, turning a key in a lock, catching fish, cooking vegetables, colouring in circles and dancing with a hula.

While the news that WarioWare will be flaunting its unique style of leftfield-leaning fun on Wii is hardly a surprise, it's reassuring to know that it's already playable, so there's an extremely good chance that we'll be seeing more of it at tomorrow's Nintendo conference and - fingers crossed - on the show floor at E3.