Want to play a Saw game?

With a little help from Jigsaw himself, Brash Entertainment has just announced that the murderous intent of the Saw films will soon be unleashed upon helpless consoles. Currently slated for an October 2009 release, we can only assumeit'll arrive just in time for that beloved holiday on the 31st,Nevada Day.

At the rate they're firing the movies out(one a year) the game could coincide with the release of the currently unannounced Saw VI. Either way, Saw creator and mastermind, James Wan is said to be on board with development, and they've promised that the game will answer some lingering questions posed by the film series. Such as: How is Danny Glover these days?

No word on actual gameplay, butit's said that the game will run on the Unreal III engine andappear on PS3 and Xbox 360.It'll be a damn shame if the Wii doesn't see a version, though. We’ve been pining for a little motion-murder since Manhunt 2 had its balls cut off.

Jan 31, 2008