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Make sure your gaming space is VR ready with this handy video

Are you excited about the future of VR and gaming, but worried that you'll end up tripping over the coffee table as you explore virtual worlds? The developers of upcoming VR project Hover Junkers put up a new video specifically to address those concerns. It looks like you'll need less space than you'd expect to play many body-tracking VR games.

Developer StressLevelZero uses an HTC Vive in the video, but the same basic principles should apply for PlayStation VR if console-based virtual reality is more your speed. Granted, your results will vary depending on what you're playing; games like Hover Junkers and Until Dawn: Rush of Blood (which seems to be literally a roller coaster) are designed to work in a small area. PlayStation VR is scheduled to ship in the first quarter of 2014, though we may get a more specific date at the PlayStation Experience event this weekend.

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Connor Sheridan
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