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Pros put Guardians of Middle-earth through its paces

The stakes are high for Guardians of Middle-earth, which stands to be the first game bringing the wildly popular MOBA design from PC to consoles. Featuring 5v5 hero battles based on the instantly recognizable heroes and villains from Lord of the Rings, all the archetypal abilities you’d expect from a MOBA will be bound to a controller instead of Q, W, E, and R. But Monolith Games know that they’ll have to cater to PC and console gamers if they want to get it right--that’s why they’ve brought in professional MOBA players like Dan Dinh and Salce to test the game. Check out the pros at work in the trailer below:

To find out more, check out our full Guardians of Middle-earth preview, then get ready for the dawn of console-based MOBAs when the game releases this December.