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EA says it isn't making Skate 4 and I'll never feel hope again

Skate can't catch a break! EA CEO Andrew Wilson confirmed that the company is not currently working on Skate 4 in a conference call with financial analysts (possibly the least Thrasher-esque event known to man).

"Much to the dismay of the many people who email me on a fairly regular basis, we are not presently making Skate 4," Wilson said, smashing hopes like so many cheap bearings after an EA community manager enigmatically tweeted #skate4 over the weekend. "And so that will not be in Fiscal Year 18."

At least EA CFO Blake Jorgensen seemed a little upset about it: "Despite my disappointment, that's one of my favorite titles," Jorgensen noted before moving the conversation over to games that EA is actually making.

So WTF was with that tweet from EA community manager Daniel Lingen? I'll give him the benefit of the doubt and assume it was a maverick attempt to gauge interest in the franchise, and he'll use all those #skate4 retweets and responses as ammo to pitch his higher ups on reviving the series. Otherwise I think this Twitter response sums it up pretty well.

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