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Dream Day Wedding: Bella Italia is something that exists

When I was a kid, all my fantasies ended with me sacrificing my life to save the world. I guess I had a Jesus complex. So I'm probably not the best person to ask about this, but I've heard that little girls dream of being princesses/getting married.

Above: Ta-da

Well, there's a game for that. There area lot ofgames for that, actually. Apparently this is the sixth installment ina series which has received more than 60 million downloads.

Wait, what? We'd never, ever heard of this franchise before today. Probably because we aren't little girls. But still, what?

That'd be all I'd say about that if I wasn't hung over and delusional thanks to St. Patrick (the bastard). So I started thinking... lots of games play to the girl market, but how many target boys in the same way (not including crap like John Deere: Drive Green and Sid Meier's Railroads)? Is it just expected that boys will figure out Street Fighter IV and that's that?

Here are a few totally brilliant ideas I had totarget the5 to 12-year-old boy market with proper, youthful fantasy games, based on my own childhood experiences:

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