'The History of Gaming' video is four minutes of childhood memories

Video games have come a fair distance in just few decades, so we're a bit dubious of any video that claims to recount the history of video gaming in just four minutes. Suspicions aside, this slickly shot history lesson by students in Munich gets points for its creativity, and the simple fact that it could very well double as a time-lapse video of our childhoods.

According to the video's creators, the video game retrospective took a week to prepare and 45 takes over two days to get the real-time sequencing just right. In response to criticism over their omission of certain systems and games, the team admits that they were limited by lack of time and equipment, stating:“We're quite aware that we could have used more games or different games but we just wanted to show a small insight into the history of video games that just shows how far we've come and where our roots are buried.”

Fair enough, we think. However, when asked why the team neglected to include the PS Move and Xbox Kinect, the team answered that they didn't consider those technologies “new”, to which we must agree to disagree.

Credits for the video go to Moritz Freyer, Fabian Steiner, Florian Smolka, and Lucas Reiner. Further comments, and a complete list of the featured games, can be found atSmolka's vimeo page.

Jan 20, 2011

Source:Florian Smolka's vimeo pageviaGeek.com

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