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The Fools of April: The WORST 5 minutes you'll spend all day

So, last yearwe cruelly bamboozled loyal TalkRadar listenersby posting our filthy, stupid show several days early! Thing was, it didn’t feature the GamesRadar gang, and instead showcased the vocal talents of Fox McCloud, K. K. Slider, Kazooie, and a goddamn Sim. God, we're nutty!

Sorry for the repost, but folks have continually asked us where to find April Fools ‘cast because it isn’t posted clearly in the TalkRadar Compendinarium, nor did we post it on iTunes. And although it’s short and terribly grating, regular listeners can still notice that it follows all the beats of a normal TDAR - opening song, sound effects, host personalities and all. Plus, I worked super hard putting together this unlistenable hunk of stupidity (almost two days!) so here's your chance to see it one more time beforeit getsburied for all eternity.Click hereto see people's reaction.

HARDCORE TRIVIA: I ripped the Kazooie audio myself from the XBLA game and the voice of Fox McCloud is actually aDuke Lombardiimpression altered by Star Fox Command’s Lylat gibberish feature on the DS!

Apr 1, 2010