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Oodles of Capcom previews and hilarious blasts from Mortal Kombat's past wrap up GR's Kombat Week
[XPM] [XD] [HA]

In defense of Portal, shitty alternate endings, and we kick off a week of Outworldish entertainment
[XPM] [XD] [HA]

Taking your phone calls, our Top 100 Games explained, Macho Man, and the failingest handhelds ever
[XPM] [XD] [HA]

A hectic 3DS launch week leads to a show filled with impromptu profanity and total gamer rage
[XPM] [XD] [HA]

Help us celebrate GR's 5th birthday with tons of prizes, Homefront, a PAX East wrap up, and tons more
[XPM] [XD] [HA]

PAX East preambles, Dragon Age II talk, and goddamned birds!
[XPM] [XD] [HA]

Pokemon Black and White reviewed, GDC 2011 news round-up, 3DS wishery and a treasure trove of Super Effectiveness await you
[XPM] [XD] [HA]

The final word on Killzone 3, Bulletstorm clips, and an incredible LIVE musical performance
[XPM] [XD] [HA]

Capcom’s Seth Killian stops by to discuss the Fate of Two Worlds, decapitations, Transformers pornography, and much, much more
[XPM] [XD] [HA]

Guitar Hero's over, Duke Nukem exists, and a woman hosts the cast this week. Has the world gone topsy-turvy?
[XPM] [XD] [HA]

Smart ass games, Killzone 3 reviewed, hands-on with Sony's NGP/PSP2, prizes, and the worst Bulletstorm interview ever recorded
[XPM] [XD] [HA]

Dead Space 2, PSP2 news, a community infused glitch-tacular, Marcus Fenix, and more! (Nicole is Dead)
[XPM] [XD] [HA]

Gaming's most intense whirly birds, Little Big Planet 2, 3DS news, and your humiliating stories of decimated relationships
[XPM] [XD] [HA]

Games we demand to hear about in 2011, DC Universe Online, and trivia questions from the community that'll boggle the mind
[XPM] [XD] [HA]

Sticking a spiteful fork in all the heinous crap that ensued in 2010, our Anti-Awards, and just plain old fucking disasters
[XPM] [XD] [HA]

We look back on this year in gaming, plus we trash the VGAs and take your phone calls. Oh! And don't forget our2010 Christmas Special!
[XPM] [XD] [HA]

Dec 10, 2010 Gaming's flashbackiest flashbacks, Tron talk, World of WarCraft: Cataclysm, and the greatest victory fanfares warm the cockles
[XPM] [XD] [HA]

Ethnic Mickey! Or would "Butt Hurt" be a better title? Gaming's fakest foreign accents and Epic Mickey take center stage in this episode
[XPM] [XD] [HA]

Thanks for... something? Our Thanksgiving 'un-special' is all about geek films, phone calls, and trying to remember words
[XPM] [XD] [HA]

Learn the history of packaging, why some plot twists are better than others, the qualities of Robocop and reviews, reviews, reviews!
[XPM] [XD] [HA]

Nov 12, 2010 Everything you never wanted to know about Call of Duty: Black Ops, the best new franchises of this console generation, and more
[XPM] [XD] [HA]

One-hit kills, Scott Pilgrim game references, Primal Rage-inspired "music," and dumb-ass laws
[XPM] [CGL] [HA] [DC]

A Halloween Goresplosion! Plus, Fable III, Force Unleashed II and Red Dead’s Undead Nightmare DLC have been thoroughly reviewed
[XPM] [XD] [HA] [DC]

The gang recovers from their trip to wine country by celebrating 10 years of PS2, Fallout New Vegas, Vanquish, EA's MMA and Super Meat Boy
[XPM] [XD] [HA]

Oct 15, 2010 Kirby's Epic Yarn, Medal of Honor and Sonic 4 dutifully reviewed, plussome of the WORST audio atrocities gamingever spawned
[XPM] [XD] [HA]

Castlevania, Enslaved, Final Fantasy, Wii Party and more. Plus the greatest bonus rooms, easter eggs, and the DefestJams you ever did hear!
[XPM] [XD] [DC]

An all out REVIEW hoard featuring CASTLEVANIA: LORDS OF SHADOW, DEAD RISING 2, and ENSLAVED. Plus, tales from Sin City!
[XPM] [XD] [PB]

Fall in, VEGAS! Forgotten franchises, more hardcore aquatic, DKC Returns, FREE GAMES, and a certain Halo: Reach reviewer gets the surprise of a lifetime…
[GEC] [XD] [PB] [CGL]

Reaching to the Choir! Halo: Reach hate mail, Inception mash-ups, bad game audio, phone calls, and PANTS!
[XPM] [XD] [PB]

Post-PAX chatter, bad port bashing, Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions, and the 'lost' PAX episode
[GEC] [XD] [PB]

BLAM! Packing up for PAX, taking credit from Nintendo, Ace Combat: Joint Assault, and terrible Genesis music

Roar of the Ryan! Metroid: Other M, Mafia II, Tim Schafer drops by to talk about Costume Quest, and Paul Ryan returns!
[PR] [PR] [PR] [PR]

Kane & Lynch 2: Dog Days and Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light get reviewed, pioneering launch games, and CHESS MUSIC!
[XPM] [HA] [PB] [XD]

Our Scott Pilgrim obsession climaxes, Mikel's friend sits in, and we're uncharacteristically READY FOR SOME FOOTBALL!
[XPM] [HA] [PB] [XD]

Births, an interview with Harmonix, Castlevania: Harmony of Despair reviewified and an important lesson on how to talk shit in Street Fighter
[XPM] [DC] [PB] [XD]

The PC Gamer guys drop by to talk StarCraft II, Dan Amrich returns for an Activision chat-down, plus FREE 360 GAMES to give away!
[XPM] [DA] [PB] [XD]

TALKRADAR Comic-Con Special 2010
Interviews ahoy! We're talking Street Fighter x Tekken, Tron Evolution, Sly Cooper Collection, Scott Pilgrim and more
[XPM] [GEC] [PB]

Join us LIVE on the Comic-Con 2010 floor as we discuss the sweet nerdy mayhem, the worst games of the year, and more
[XPM] [GEC] [PB]

A tropical paradise of classic gaming, EVO 2010 recapped, cheap used games, dinosaurs and The Man!
[XPM] [HA] [XD] [PB]

Good Job, Agent. The lowdown on Crackdown 2, Dragon Quest IX, and we’re taking your phone calls!
[XPM] [HA] [XD] [PB]

Don't let go! The best games of 2010 thus far, and a pop quiz sure to delight anyone born in the 80's and 90's
[XPM] [HA] [XD] [PB]

1 Million Troops! We put a bullet in E3 2010 and discuss the artistic merit of Transformers: War for Cybertron
[XPM] [DC] [XD] [E3]

Capping off notone, buttwoE3 2010 TDar specials, we turn around a full-sized cast in record time with less misery than ever!
[E3] [E3] [E3] [E3]

A less-than peaceful walk to E3 We gab about E3 plans, Metal Gear, E3 expectations, Longview, and oh... E3!
[XPM] [DC] [XD] [E3]

The dirt on Alpha Protocol, plus we explore gaming's worst attempts at SFX and historical accuracy
[XPM] [DC] [XD] [PB]

High Dimensions!
Galactic Mario thrills, Blurs and Chris talks to his boyhood friend about HD/3D gaming
[XPM] [DC] [XD] [PB]

The biggest release week of 2010?! Red Dead Galaxy 2: The Forgotten Sands of Alan Wake MEGA-Reviewed and much, much more!
[XPM] [DC] [XD] [PB]

Heroes and Demos
Super heroes, Pirates, cartoons, and games - WTF more do you want?!
[XPM] [HA] [XD] [GEC]

Six hours! Dozens of guests! This is the one podcast you can barely afford to miss!

Jim Sterling joins us for painfully slow games, a new song by Palette-Swap Ninja, and the definitive BulletBall interview!
[XPM] [HA] [XD] [PB]

We crack into 7 stupid sequel additions, everything Capcom, Halo Reach. Plus the best (only?) tribute to theclassic '95 film"Hackers"
[XPM] [GEC] [XD] [CGL]

Splinter Cell: CONVICTION, StarCraft CORRUPTION, Halo 2 CREMATION, and several other C-words!
[XPM] [VB] [XD] [CGL]

Sam Fischer, classic fanfares and your phone calls take us to 100% as Chris' computer recovers from death
[XPM] [VB] [XR] [DC]

The 1st Annual TALKSEDER! Celebrate Passover with Mario Galaxy 2 and Samurai Shodown Engrish. L’Chaim, ya’ll!
[XPM] [VB] [XR] [DC]

Prevenge of the Nerds! Red Steel 2, media morons, and catastrophic tales of nerdom close out our Week of Hate
[XPM] [VB] [XR] [DC]

Pokegods Kratos takes a bow, defending FFXIII and the worst Pokemon discussion EVER!
[XPM] [VB] [XR] [DC]

Hard Qore GDC action with Veronica Belmont! Plus, PS3 Move, Corey Haim and we're taking YOUR calls!
[XPM] [VB] [XR] [DC]

The best Final Fantasy games, what's next for Infinity Ward and a special guest from Gamasutra
[XPM] [PB] [CN] [DC]

Mouthful o' drizzle! An alarmingly intelligent dissection of Heavy Rain, Mario Galaxy 2 and Metroid: Other M
[XPM] [PB] [XR] [GS]

Us vs Alien vs Predator, an interview with Overclocked Remix, and stories from the great beyond!
[XPM] [PB] [XR] [DC]

The final word on BioShock 2 and Dante’s Inferno, plus a brand new collection of ridiculous audio clips
[XPM] [CGL] [XR] [DC]

OXM’s Ryan McCaffery, Mass Effect 2, BioShock, boners, and a slew of kickass crossover concepts submitted by YOU!
[XPM] [HA] [XR] [OXM]

Talkin' Raditude with Rivers Cuomo, plus Mass Effect 2 and a chance to win Tatsunoko vs Capcom!!
[XPM] [SK] [XR] [DC]

Dark Void, hurling shit at gaming’s greatest voice actor, fanboy behavior, and a sound FX extravaganza!
[XPM] [PB] [XR] [DC]

Reboots, Bayonetta references and the 25 hottest games of 2010 in 25 minutes. Oh, what a lovely tea party!
[XPM] [PB] [XR] [DC]

Bayonetta, Darksiders and why Avatar is pure genius, all while imbibing booze YOU sent us
[XPM] [CGL] [XR] [HA]

Hank Gilbert stars as "Henry Gilbert" in the greatest Christmas story ever told! Give this one to a friend
[XPM] [PB] [XR] [DC]

LET'S CHOMP! We rip on the VGAs, live-action Zelda, and a very chompy Christmas
[XPM] [XD] [CGL] [HA]

Spirited Awakening! The truth about The Saboteur,Free Shit, our take on Zelda: Spirit Tracks.
[XPM] [DC] [CGL] [HA]

The legendary Dan Amrich discusses his new gig at Activision, and we roast him crispy.
[DA] [DA] [DA] [DA]

Holiday special! Talking huge game deals, horrid voice acting and the stupidest in-game vehicles.
[XPM] [PB] [CGL] [HA]

We’ve got soundtracks and games to give away, plus we’re talkin’ twos with L4D, AC and MW.
[XPM] [XL] [CGL] [HA]

This week: Sesame Street turns 40, New Mario Wii lets us down and MW2 takes over the world.
[XPM] [PB] [CGL] [HA]

We talk New Super Mario Bros. Wii, Left 4 Dead 2, Doc Louis’s Punch-Out!!, and bum beat-downs.
[XPM] [XD] [CGL] [HA]

Terrifying games you missed, the worst Halloween costumes and winners for two badass contests.
[XPM] [XD] [CGL] [HA]

Qore host Veronica Belmont helps us sort out Borderlands, plus we’re giving away 11 free games!
[XPM] [XL] [CGL] [HA]

Do the Mario! This week’s podcast pays tribute to a fallen icon, plus Uncharted and Brutal Legend
[XPM] [PB] [CGL] [HA]

Capcom stops by to help us celebrate Street Fighter, game music and childhood movies that don’t hold up.
[XPM] [SK] [CGL] [HA]

Halo 3: ODST and the PSPgo get what they’ve got comin’ and other horrifying tales of the occult!
[XPM] [PB] [XR] [DC]

Dead Space Wii and Kingdom Hearts DS reviewed, plus racist Disney audio and a special guest from Kotaku!
[XPM] [CGL] [HA] [DC]

Time attack! We’ve got 69 minutes to cover 10 topics before the stopwatch hits zero
[XPM] [CGL] [XR] [DC]

This week we mourn 10 years of Dreamcast death, plus talk Beatles, Muramasa and… hate speech?
[XPM] [CGL] [HA] [DC]

We sort through geekdom’s biggest merger ever, plus talk Section 8, Guitar Hero 5 and Soul Calibur PSP
[XPM] [CGL] [XR] [DC]

An winner is you!Giving out stuff we can't afford,plus Arkham Asylum and Dissidia: Final Fantasy!
[XPM] [CGL] [XR] [DC]

The Paul Bearer... get it?! No? Well we say special goodbye to our own Paul Ryan, plus PS3 Slim news.
[XPM] [HA] [XR] [DC]

All about the N64! Awful audio, forgotten games and the best non-Mario/Zelda options for the system.
[XPM] [CGL] [XR] [DC]

We’re giving away a buttload of free shit! Plus Sharks, GI Joe, Sexy Poker, and more HARDCORE AQUATICA!
[XPM] [CGL] [XR] [DC]

An all out revolt against every game not made in 2008! Stick it to The Man by proclaiming YOUR Top 5 games.
[XPM] [CGL] [DA] [HA]

We’re at Comic-Con ’09 discussing all things awesome! ALSO, Peep our Comic-Con SpecialLIVE from the floor!
[XPM] [GEC] [XD] [DC]

Talking old farts, iconic game quotes of all time, T-Rated sex crystals and glorious, glorious BULLS**T
[XPM] [CGL] [XR] [HA]

Solid Snake and Bill O’Reilly join us in roasting the hell outta Shane Patterson on his last day at GamesRadar
[XPM] [XD] [DL] [HA]

Killer pyrotechnics, plus we play off Michael Jackson with EXCLUSIVE audio you won’t hear anywhere else
[XPM] [XD] [XR] [HA]

Join us in celebrating the greatest games of 2009 AND a certain Hedgehog’s 18th birthday!
[XPM] [PB] [SSC] [DC]

We’re joined by the MST3K guys! And Giant Bomb’s Brad Shoemaker addresses the [inFATYPE] Wars
[XPM] [XD] [E3] [HA]

We shake off E3 grogginess by ending the console war, breaking windows and giving away free DVDs.
[XPM] [GEC] [E3] [DC]

E3 09's best and worst, a Valvechat andawful mainstream media coverage. E3 SPECIAL 1-E3 SPECIAL 2
[E3!] [E3!] [E3!] [EB]

All about Gay Tony, a history of Disney rap and the most accurate E3 predictions money can bribe.
[XPM] [PB] [E3] [DA]

This week we raise our drinks to Punch-Out!!, review InFamous and shed happy tears over Trico.
[XPM] [GEC] [XR] [E3]

Spoutin’ gospel about religions, stolen soundtracks, a dead Duke and Square hating their fans.
[XPM] [DC] [XR] [HA]

Special Anniversabration podcast! Join the yearlong spectacle that is TalkRadar TODAY!
[XPM] [PB] [XR] [HA]

Talkin’ Dead to Rights, a king who hates kids and the worst audio from videogame movies.
[XPM] [GEC] [XR] [HA]