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The gaming trends we all love to constantly complain about

Quite possibly the most improved sequel of all time

Hitler's Greatest Hits!
Close out Week of Hate 2010 with the dictator’s most notable game appearances

The most biased TV video game debate ever
Watch a horribly ill-informed gaming discussion and feel the bile rise

Books: Remember those things? Maybe not, but when it comes to adapting games from other mediums, books kinda stand out as a vast, untapped resource and Dante’s Inferno was just the beginning. ONLY RULE: No Harry Potter! That’s already been done once or twice.


Above: BE THERE!

In the office

Above: Eric and Elston emasculated themselves with swag from a game you probably don't care about

Above: Quite possibly the most unprofessional DSi XL size comparison video of all time!

Above: Tyler Wilde spent most of the Week of Hate making from kickass "drawrings," which you can seehere,here, andhere

Above: And Chris took the time behind Brett's computer to change his desktop wallpaper to something more fitting

Above: Thanks to John and Kimberly for stopping by GRHQ!

Above: batman5273 appears hellbent onspreading the hurt heard inChris's Birfday roastinto the rest of the year. *sob*

Above: An unbelievably classy image we love, ironically submitted froma guy named hatebreeder?

Above: StrayGator brings us an image fit for a late Hate Week press release

Post date: March 26, 2010
T-Dar94 length: 2:15:11
Intro song by: Anamanaguchi
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