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TalkRadar 93 - Pokegods

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Less gameplay than a Choose Your Own Adventure

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God of War III REVIEW (opens in new tab)
Tear down Olympus in Kratos’s biggest, flashiest, most brutal adventure yet

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Pokemon HeartGold / SoulSilver (opens in new tab)
Pokemon returns with a new gadget, but the same game. We dare you to sit through this conversation!

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Girl break up with you over WoW? Overdraft your bank account on the Persona 4 Collector’s Edition? Shit your pants at an anime convention? Tell us! The more embarrassing the better!

In the office

Above: Mikel and Brett assembled some classic Disney Pixelblocks to provide Chris with the happiest birthday on earth!

Above: Brett heads back to his roots with a Nintendo wand enhancement tutorial!

HARDCORE TDARDS: Can you tell what's wrong with this picture?

In the community

In this week's episode, we announce the winners of the DarkBunnyTees (opens in new tab) contest, which was by far the hardest contest we've ever had to judge.Click here (opens in new tab)to see allof the fantabulous submissions:

Above: graboids never disappoints - even when he's referencing Police Academy!

Above: Ventager knows his judges

Above: And batman5273 proves the point above

Above: Schizo created a celebration worthy of a Whale's Vagina News Team

Above: Timely and referential? It must be graboids

Above: michaelmcc827 scientifically graphs the contributions of TalkRadar's hosts.Head toThe Official Fan Art thread (opens in new tab)to see more we probably couldn't post here

Above: ssj4raditz reimagines Tony Stark in an alternate universe where he has all of the alcohol problems but none of the money, looks, and fame

Above: C4RD1NAL gives TalkRadar the Citadel's blessing

Post date: March 19,2010
T-Dar 93 length: 2:43:40
Intro song by: Anamanaguchi
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