TalkRadar 18

After a long two-week absence, Shane Patterson rejoins the crew just in time to celebrate TalkRadar’s 18th birthday. With our podcast finally old enough to vote, buy cigarettes and go to the mall by itself, we briefly put aside our usual yammering for a weirdly serious talk about the ethics of software piracy.

But don’t worry - it’s then back to dick jokes and a spirited discussion about Star Wars, Wii Music, new games that already feel stale and an appearance by occasional guest reviewer Duke “Duke” Lombardi, who wants to talk to us about something called a “petz.”

Explicit Content Within! Persons with delicate ears should definitely not listen, as they will hear edgy no-no words freely spoken on South Park and HBO.

09-12-08 | Length - 1:26:07 | Opening song byAnamanaguchi

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Top 7… New franchises that already feel old– They’ve been around for a few years at most, but they’ve already worn out their welcome.

Nintendo releases Wii Music “dog” trailer– Wow, really?

Yakuza 2– This Japanese-flavored, PS2-only sequel finally arrives on our shores this week after a two-year wait. Does it have a chance in hell?

Spore DRM– The most hotly anticipated PC game of 2008 comes with the most hotly despised copyright-protection scheme ever.

Lock’s Quest– Who’s actually heard of this? Show of hands? Apparentlyit's good.

Piracy vs Theft– Turns out this is a touchy subject. Who knew?

Star Wars: The Force Unleashed– Oh, sure, it looks awesome. But how fun is it, really?

Mercenaries 2 on PS2: How bad is it?Really bad. We have proof:

Finally, Brett poses two questions to the other editors – you can share your own answers by following the links below:
Question 1: Are you a liar?
Question 2: Are you a freak?


Quote of the week:
“Did that kid in the videogame shirt just say he has a crush on every boy?”

Above: Chris and Shane attempt to out-testosterone each other. Duke Lombardi wins

Above: Mikel disapproves, but not as strongly as Brett disapproves of the spider on the back of his neck


Above: Brett nonchalantly “stretches,” showing off his rippling, sculpted Spider-Man shirt

Above: Shane invents a new dance called the “hyperactive child”

Above: Meanwhile, Charlie Barratt prefers to capture video of old games instead of joining in the fun. We are shocked and outraged

Sep 12, 2008