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Let's hope this Destiny 2 beta glitch is in the PC version, because it turns Warlocks into flying superheroes

Guardians are almost superheroes already and this fascinating Destiny 2 (opens in new tab) beta glitch lets them go all the way. Discovered by Reddit (opens in new tab) user A_DVS_NTT and friends, the glitch lets you repeatedly "stack" the movement-altering effects of the Dawnblade Warlock's Daybreak super ability by dying during activation. With a couple of stacks your jump ability turns into a rocket booster.

With more than 20 stacks, gravity can't keep up and the world is yours. Look at the way their cloak whooshes around, it's like Warlocks were made for this.

A_DVS_NTT says Bungie has already been made aware of this glitch so you shouldn't expect to see it in the full version of the game. But there's a decent chance it will survive into the Destiny 2 PC beta (opens in new tab) - along with other old assets like the Turbines of Death (opens in new tab) - so you may be able to go Warlock-ing around the stratosphere once it goes live. Until then you can chill out with four minutes of out-of-bounds Inverted Spire exploration.

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