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TalkRadar 136 – NextGenPodcast

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Seven stupid moments that make Jack Thompson look like the voice of reason

The tension never lets up in this spectacular sequel

Sensationalist report ties game's Russian mission to real-life tragedy

Glitches almost always suck, but just like any good trauma, it’s extremely therapeutic to share with others. Sometimes even hilarious! Any platform we’re playing on today is virtually guaranteed to spazz out in some fashion. And as is usually the case, the more ambitious the game, the more incredible the glitch! Let us know yours and we might read your response LIVE on TalkRadar 137!

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In the office

Above: Why is Chris recording Marc Maron? You’ll find out the answer someday…

Above: Brett discovered a withering Street Fighter Alpha 2 cabinet, and Chris discovered the joy of ruining Brett’s pictures

In the community

Above: Batman5273 gives us a call out in Dead Space 2. With real Unitology!

Above: yoyoguy and BeAtheistItsFun banded together to create a TalkRadar monolith in Minecraft!

Above: Here’s the backside (lol, backside!)

Above: Behold flabslapper’s penis-petrifying tribute to Brett Elston

Above: graboids helps Chris capitalize on the recent PSP announcement

Above: It’s hard to tell if Chevapravatdumrong is mourning or mocking the death of Wizard. We know how we fell *boo hoo*

Above: Another buttery win for Batman!

Above: FistfulofPelican hilariously confuses ethnicities

Above: Schnazzyone can’t get Lunchbox out of his head

Above: Even though we don’t entirely get graboids piece, you gotta admit: It’s look delicious!

Post date:January 29,2011
T-Dar136 length: 2:25:15
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